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    Which kind of LED lights used for living room

    Some friends ask me which kind of LED lights would be suitable for living room when they want to purchase from LED flood light supplier China. Actually, we will know the answer when we figure out the function of the living room. So first thing is we should ask ourselves ”what we will use living room for?“ I believe mos...

  • 27

    Home office demand for LED lights

    With the blossom of Soho, there is no doubt that we would like to choose work at home. A room, a light from LED flood light supplier China, a computer would be our main tool. It would be cool without the trouble for traffic in the morning. However, have you ever thought about the home office light? Temperature would be...

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    Bedroom use for the choosing of LED light

    It seems that there is a common misconception for brightness of LED lights. The brightness of a light bulb is measured in Watts which is not right according to LED flood light supplier China. Watts actually measure energy usage, while Lumens measure brightness. So here is the question: which kind of brightness is good ...

  • 24

    Different LED lights for different rooms

    Our topic is which kind of LED lights we should pick up from the market of LED flood light supplier China for the new house recently. My brother has talked this with me for almost half a month. And finally, we decided to get different LED lights for the different rooms. No doubt that we learn from class that sunlight w...

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    Festival with LED Color Bulb Light as decoration

    My friends and I are planning a birthday party for a friend recently. We want to get some LED color bulb light from LED flood light supplier China for the special birthday night. Actually, it is popular to have these lights as decoration nowadays with special festival. This kind of LED color bulb light, with 3W, 5W, 7W...

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    Commercial LED flood light for clients

    One of my friends has a watermelon base in the country side and he had planed a barbecue on weekends from 10am to 9:00pm for the whole Sunday. He used the LED light from LED flood light supplier China which makes the final success for the night’s barbecue. We can see the popularity of LED lights even for the countrysid...

  • 07

    High technology brings LED light

    No doubt that it was a terrible memory for me and my husband when the light broken in my dinner room recently. And finally we got the LED light from LED flood light supplier China. Our kitchen was fitted with a florescent LED tube. It would be left switched on in the evenings, because we were in and out of the kitchen ...

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    Which one you would like to choose from LED flood light

    As the saying goes that one's man meat is another man's poison. We have different aesthetic concept so that even for the practical product like the LED flood light from LED flood light supplier China, we could have millions combination when we choose for our house decoration. I like to read some reviews about the produ...

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    Good for every aspect for LED flood light

    Design = good, Quality = good, Price = very good, Durability = good. This is my friend’s comments for his recent shopping for the LED flood light from LED flood light supplier China and I get the company name as I want to wholesale for the business too. Generally speaking, this is a good basic 50 watt led flood light. ...

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    Buying LED flood light by its advantages

    ”Why you choose this color for the dress?“ ”Because I love the pink color!“. My daughter told me when I ask her this question. So does for the products like the LED light from LED flood light supplier China. There are some trustable reasons for the choosing of a kind of product. I would like to share with my friends ab...

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    Outdoor security light LED flood lights

    We should never underestimate the power of technology. And somehow the LED flood lights from LED flood light supplier China would be evidence for the high technology. We changed from the traditional bulbs into the high efficiency LED lights nowadays. No doubt that the daylight white waterproof floodlight would be one o...

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    Cgeledlight with LED flood light with sensor for wholesale

    LED lights are everywhere nowadays. Street, home, construction sites are full of LED lights from LED flood light supplier China. Of course, according to my knowledge, it seems like LED flood light with sensor is popular among clients with its special characters. One of my friends starts the LED flood light business for...

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    Taiwan Suppliers Concerned About Competition from China in 2014

    With Acer rumored to be planning to outsource its tablet OEM orders to China-based makers, Asustek Computer has reportedly also been seeking partnerships with China component makers to strengthen its competitiveness in the mobile device market, according to sources from the upstream supply chain. The sources are concer...

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    Labor Shortage Directly Affects the LED Tube Industry

    Some LED tube manufacturers have even raised their salaries in order to attract more employees, but the results have not been as desired with companies still experiencing a huge lack in personnel. Workers are now taking more than just high wages into consideration when choosing new jobs. Working conditions and leisure ...