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Great waterproof LED light
Category:Dynamics    2017-06-12 15:51
We would ask ourselves in our heart why we choose LED lights not the traditional lamp nowadays. For me, I would choose it from LED flood light supplier China for the waterproof benefit as well as the saving energy for the lights itself. Great waterproof feature would make you fall in love with it.
As with all these types of lights - do not depend on the double sided tape on the back. It barely holds itself to the lights in some places. However, it does help hold the lights long enough for a secondary type of glue or something to cure. In my case, I applied them as running board lights underneath my truck like LED downlight free shipping directly on painted areas with a bead of RTV Silicone (made for boat accessories/waterproofing) and they have held there for weeks and don't look like they're going anywhere for awhile. I have driven through dirty spots and thunderstorms very fast and kicked up a lot of rocks/rain towards these lights even where the wiring exists.
I believe you would fall in love with wholesale T8 tube light too once you try the LED series of lights.